Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Welcome to the Duluth Box Lacrosse League!

The Duluth Box Lacrosse League (DBLL) is a Fall box lacrosse league whose primary goal is to provide a fun off-season lacrosse opportunity for Northern Minnesota high school lacrosse players. Games will be played at the Lower Chester Hockey Rink in Duluth, MN.  The league will have two divisions.  The High School+ Division is open to area high school players and adults (except current collegiate lacrosse players) and the Middle School Division is open to players in grades 6-8.  Play will begin in mid-September with most games played on Sunday afternoon and evening.  Schedules will be released once all players and teams are set.  Get signed up right away to assure your spot on a team!  Registration is available now!

Box lacrosse is a great way to increase lacrosse skills and is a lot of fun.  College coaches are actively recruiting Canadian lacrosse players who grew up playing the box lacrosse game.  In fact, some college coaches are saying that kids should only play box lacrosse up until high school because the benefits are so great.  Some of the benefits of box lacrosse include:

  • The ball is never out of play. Box lacrosse players touch the ball more often. Period.  In a field lacrosse game with a 10 v 10 scenario, your player may never touch the ball.  In box lacrosse, your player is guaranteed to touch the ball a few times per game with only 5 players on the field per team and the boards to keep the ball in play.
  • The small nets in box lacrosse (4 x 4) encourage players to take higher percentage shots, get to the goal and improve their shooting accuracy. 
  • The tighter confines of a box lacrosse rink improve a players stick handling skills and gets them used to passing and catching in traffic.

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